Walmart welcomes a new line of Buzzfeed-branded kitchen tools


Walmart leverages the wide reach of Buzzfeed to debuts its new line of branded kitchen tools which looks all impressive. The products are ready for sale in its brick-and-mortar store as well as in the online stores. The products are manufactured by Florida based Epoca International which range in a price limit of $4.44 to $99. The product range varies from spatula to mixing bowls and more than 4000 physical stores have dedicated shelf for these new entrants from Walmart.

The social with Buzzfeed works on sharing of a portion of the profit with every sale. Each time a consumer buys a product, certain portion, probably less than 10 percent will be paid to Buzzfeed as it might be capable of driving customers to the store with its effective presence. On the selection of product line, Walmart, Buzzfeed, and Epoca have worked together for more than one year. The retailer has already come into agreements with a few of the media brands.

In 2016, Buzzfeed acquired which is an e-commerce company. Though the pair looked not a match for each other, it was later discovered that this combination of the company has proved enough capability in driving the attention of millennials through its impressive content like quizzes and videos. In the same year, Buzzfeed CEO and Scroll CEO worked together to bring the site into e-commerce with the help of a 10-member team known as Buzzfeed product lab.
They experimented with a first product called homesick candles which alleviated the emotions of people away from the home.

After a few days, their first store “homesick for the holidays” came into existence earning a lot of accolades from the consumers. This past experience of the company makes the Walmart entry into kitchen tools more promising. It again aims at touching the taste buds of the people and earns their liking.

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