Walmart ready to stock the food replacement “Soylent”


It comes as a great news to the busy and health-conscious people that Walmart, their most favourite store, will now stock up the most needed food replacement “Soylent”. The maker of the product, Soya Foods announced that it would be available across 450 Walmart stores in the country.
Before being available in the brick-and-mortar stores, the product was available online only at its own website and on Amazon where it stood as the best product in “meal replacement” category.
Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley stated that “Our expansion to retail and now with Walmart is a great opportunity for Soylent to continue our focus on making unhealthy and unsustainable food voids obsolete for consumers everywhere,”. He further stated that “Our team is excited to see Soylent on local Walmart shelves, marking a significant step in providing more ways for consumers to get access to our brand.”
Soylent was first developed in 2013 with an aim to offer an affordable, healthy and simple substitute to people who want to save their time on food without compromising on the nutrients. Soylent meets the daily requirement of the people by providing all the required nutrient in a measured amount. Till 2016, Soylent was available in only one flavour which was very popular in the tech industry. But now it is expanding the availability of different forms of powder form and 14-ounce bottle. The different flavours now include original, cocoa, café coffiest, café vanilla, and café chai.
Working with Walmart gives a welcoming opportunity to Soylent which now enters the biggest grocery company which is leading the industry. It gives the brand a new opportunity to reach the number of customers who are already the loyal customers of Walmart.


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