NomNomNow: Redefining the world of pet food


NomNomNow, a e-tailer of pet’s food is growing rapidly and claims to offer its customers fresh and healthy food for dogs and cats. This online store has redefined the concept of feeding pets with better options which is truly delightful for the pet owners. At this store, the customers can buy freshly prepared food for their pets for a week’s time and store them in the refrigerator. The cost of one box can go beyond $120 for a week. The mails are cooked in commercial kitchen with portion controlled and under the supervision of a veterinary nutritionist.

The story of NomNomNow

The founder Philip shares his story behind founding the company as he realized that nothing much has changes in the field of pet’s food since the last 20 years. The company was founded in 2015 when he realized that still the way to shop for dog’s food is to visit a grocery store and stock up the ready-to-eat food for a month at a time. This does not give dogs any change in taste and options. He noted that ecommerce has changed the way for shopping in every field, but nothing had been done for pet’s food which indicates the right stage for reinvention in pet food eCommerce.

Initially Philip started to sell the products at a local park where people took interest in his products and referred their friends also. Gradually the idea got hit and the business grew. He then started the website which is now thronged with people who want to offer something different and healthy to their pets.

nomNomNow is growing rapidly and it is difficult to five the exact figure about its repeat customers. But since its initiation since two and half years back, there are customers who keep on coming back.

NomNomNow Market Strategy

The company is using FaceBook and Google Adwords extensively to market its product and drive traffic to its site, the results are already overwhelming. In this field, NomNomNow has a very good strategy to identify FB profile picture of people with their pets to run their targeted campaigns. Obviously, such people will be attracted more towards a good food for their pets.

Till now the company has raised $13 in its funding. Though the company has not come to profit making stage, it is focusing majorly on expansion and growth. The company is getting competition from others existing in the market but it holds it rising rhythm strongly.

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