Kroger extending its home delivery services to 75 more locations

Kroger extending

Kroger Co. partnership with app-based home delivery service Instacart is ready to make home deliveries for online orders to 75 more locations. Kroger is already an established traditional grocery stores in the country with more than 2,800 stores at varying locations. 1600 out of these 2,800 stores will be able to deliver products for online orders to new locations starting from Atlanta, Memphis, and Nashville.

This expansion will deepen the footprints of the store significantly by fulfilling orders through Instacart by 50%. The new deliveries started from yesterday itself making the presence of the sore more recognizable. The partnership between Kroger and Instacart was announced in last fall which further expanded in this March. In Kroger’s plan of expansion, its take on online order and deliveries is showing its aggressive approach in the ecommerce domain.

Kroger is also working on another plan called “Restock Kroger” in which it is trying to expand its digital and ecommerce efforts. Through the use of personalized customer data, it aims at catering to the right base of customers and retain them forever. The company has also been investing heavily in technology and omnichannel capabilities.

In a country where Kroger already occupies a good customer base and a name that has been there for decades, success in the online world also seems so predictable. A little effort on customer satisfaction through timely delivery would definitely yield results for the company. Partnership through Instacart is done for the same purpose which is already yielding results and showing progress in the business. Let’s see how this extension to serve 75 more locations goes and the what is the response of the customers.

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