JEFF BEZOS lunar business plans


An entrepreneur is an entrepreneur at heart and his mind will also think the same way, no matter what the context is. This business mindset is one more exemplified by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who is now looking forward to colonize the moon. Instead of looking at this natural satellite as a substitute habitat, Jeff is looking at it as a business hub which can developed for industrial and business usage in the long run.

The move of man from earth to moon is inevitable, as explained by many scientists, can be used for business gains if the space is used wisely for the purpose. In a recent Space Development Conference in Los Angeles, Bezos threw light on his ideas of colonizing moon for heavy industry development. He believes on his dream owing to the availability of resources like 24/7 sunlight for solar energy, availability of water and regolith. These factors make the celestial body suitable for industrial plants and production units.

Considering moon as a manufacturing unit really sounds interesting, thought it is seen as a distant truth. Might be the move of the man from earth will help in conserving the left out resources of the planet. It is ironical that the people will go from here only when the resources will be finished.

The farsightedness of the CEO Bezos is really worth accolades as this shows, apart from his ecommerce business what all vision he has and how impactful he could be in overall human existence, developments, and growth.

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