JD.com Alliance with Google and Walmart clear inroads to the US market


A very less known rival of Alibaba, JD.com, is on an aggressive alliance spree to make its way to US. Though, it is a less known company outside China, its potential and business strategies are posing a threat to giant companies like Alibaba and Amazon. Its recent partnership with Walmart and Google is giving it a technological edge to out beat the competition and make its way to international market. The company also plans to have direct partnership with Chinese factories to compete Amazon on its domestic land and establish itself as a giant. Its borderless business alliances with companies like Google, Tancent, Walmart, Vipshop, Baidu and others shows how the company is getting equipped to present itself on a global market, directly competing with gigantic ecommerce platforms.

Some hefty retail alliances

It is interesting to know that Tancent has a 18% stake in JD.com’s share and it also partnered with the same to invest around $864 in VipShop which is China’s third largest ecommerce platform. Walmart is also in many kind of alliances with JD since 2016 and holds a 10% stake in JD.com’s share. Back in 2016, Walmart sold its online business Yihaodian to JD for a 5% equity stake in JD. Not only this, just last month, Google also announced an investment of $550 in the same company despite having not much interest in China’s market.

Google’s Data Analytics Ready to Push JD.com

Google and Baidu are the most famous search engines and the latter has also shown interest in JD by certain strategic partnership in August 2017. Though, these search engines cannot help with ad bidding process of JD.com, their data can certainly give them insight into consumer buying behaviour and where to put the ads. Since JD is also placing its large banner ads cross all the networks, these partnerships will help the company place the ads compete better with its rival Alibaba.

JD.com going global

The recent series of aggressive partnerships and expansion throws light on JD’s potential to challenge its huge rivals Alibaba and Amazon to certain extent. It’s not only about stretching to US as the company has also made inroads to Europe with its international version JoyBuy which was launched in Spain in June. It also has its local portals in Indonesia and Thailand. It is also attracting international sellers to sell via its platform in China and establish itself as a cross-border ecommerce platform.

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