Jack Ma Emphasizes the Necessity of Technological Growth to Sidestep US Dominance


The dominance of US in technology sector is undebatable and the nations are realizing their need to grow to become self-reliant in this sector. Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba, expresses his views that countries like Japan, China, and others should develop their own semiconductor technology to loosen the grip of America in global chip market.

The millionaire chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. explained his growing interest in chips which also led to the acquisition of local design house Hangzhou C-Sky Microsystems. He aims to build inclusive chips which are cheap, efficient and available to all. He also told that in the last four years his company has invested in five semiconductor firms. Considering American as the first mover in this industry, countries like China has to work harder to beat the competition where 100% market is grabbed by America. He recently addressed students and entrepreneurs at Tokyo’s Waseda University.

He also expressed his views on what could happen if US suddenly decides to stop its supplies in the world market. Considering all these things in mind, it is highly necessary to work on core technology. Ma also joins industry peers in espousing world-class domestic chip industry. In view of the simmering tension between the two countries, China needs to get independence in the market by developing its indigenous industry. US also is reviewing all the policies and laws that can impose an emergency blocking the transaction and seizing the assets.

This serious concern by leading Chinese entrepreneur would certainly lead to lasting results. however, the speed and effectiveness of his efforts matter a lot in deciding when can China have its own self-reliant chip industry.


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