eBay Launches New Personalization Tool “Interests” to Know More About Its Customers


Customer is everything. In the face of ever rising industry competition, eBay takes a lead to get closer to its customers through the launch of “Interests”, a customer personalization tool. This app allows the customers to feed their specific interests and experience on the marketplace based on their personal style, preferences, hobbies, and brands.

Recently, the marketplace uncovered the shopping behaviour of its 171 million active customers and read their everyday needs, search patterns, and orders. It has now created more than hundreds of shopping themes through “data and algorithms”. These themes will help the customers better navigate the website and reach to their preferred products across 1 billion products listed for sale.

This newly launched eBay App “Interests” is having four questions for its users.
1.What do you love? It includes everything from games to clothes, electronics, and all.
2.What are you a fan of? It includes all the hobbies ranging from sports to music and movies.
3.What is your style? It includes styles for clothing to footwear, art, furnishing, and home décor.
4.What are your favourite activities? You can list your favourite time pass activities from games to eating out, parties, fitness activities and more.

The information fed on the app will help the analyst understand the choices of the customers to offer them related products and update them of the discount in their choice of products or activities. This will help shoppers shop seamlessly without spending much of their time searching for the products. They would be able to edit their choices and interests anytime from the home tab of the app.

Bradfort Shellhammer, the head of eBay personalization says that this app makes each single shopper special to us and we are trying to offer them that special experience. By knowing the customers experience, we are trying to build sort of personalized store for every customers which will offer them products they just want to have, eliminating the other unnecessary clutter around them.

More and more e-retailers are recognizing the benefits of personalization for their customers and a number of them are taking steps to add varying sort of personalized elements to their store. eBay’s Interests will definitely add value to user experience and better service delivery to the website.


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