E-retailer Amazon soon to launch its Home Assistant in UK and Germany

Voice activated gadget works with Apps like Spotify and Uber and Amazon is ready to launch it in the European countries

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Amazon is all set to discover how well it’s Home-assistant ‘Echo’ is able to follow the British accent. Seattle-based Amazon announced today that soon Echo will be made available in Germany and UK and this would be the first time when the product will be launched outside the US. Expected cost of the gadget will be 150 pounds in the UK while 180 Euros in Germany. Customers can place their pre-orders immediately.

After Amazon had made a big hit in the market with its screen less speakers back in 2014, it is expected that it will get a great response from the customers with the Echo as well. Echo has amazing features like playing music, responding to the basic queries and commands and also placing orders at Amazon.

Apps from Uber, Spotify and other organizations are extending their functionalities further. Amazon has announced more partnerships for the European launch with Sky Sports, Skyscanner, Spiegel Online and Just Eat.

The gadget is given a female digital voice with slight German and British accent for the new markets and had been adjusted for the local preferences, for instance, if a British person asks to spell ‘color’, she replies with the British spelling ‘COLOUR’.

Since speech is the only way to interact with the Echo, Amazon has to make sure that the gadget is able to understand the accents and fluctuations in the speech, before it could be presented in those markets. System’s accuracy is being improved by collecting data when more and more people talk to the device.

Though Amazon has not unveiled on how many units it has sold so far, but the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLC have estimated that in April more than 3 million purchases had been made. Device has received appreciation from the reviewers and it is expected to bring in good revenues for Amazon.

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