Browns Shoes Optimizes Its Omnichannel Game with Order Management System


Browns Shoes’ new inventory management system has proved to be the most efficient system in making fast deliveries and scale up the profit. The system is in a mid-year overhauling process. The online sales have grown in double digits since the integration of the system and the company believes that the investment in this inventory management has finally proved to be a success with highly accountable results.

The retailer gets most of its sale through all the 70 stores in Canada and only 10% sale comes from the online platform. However, in recent times, the company has focused on improving its online and offline operations by making the inventory more efficient and accurate. Browns Shoes, after a deep analysis of various vendors available in the market, selected the OrderDynamics Corp. in June 2017 as its order management service provider. The software which is deployed allows the company to deliver its products faster, ship in the most efficient way, showcase its products in the most efficient way on the online platform and optimize the warehouse to fulfill the orders. In the holiday season, its online platform yields 33% of its total sales and the company is planning ahead to make the most out of this holiday season. This software has already helped the company optimize its operations and is making it ready to face the holiday demand with more accuracy in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The new order management system helped

The new order management system has helped the company scale its activity and make the delivery process efficient and flawless. It is even keeping an eye on the quality of the product and manage the inventory piece-by-piece knowing the exact status of the order, its delivery, and the stock. When a customer is placing the order, the company is preferring to get it shipped directly from the warehouse instead of the store, which is helping in keeping an account of the inventory status. The warehouse fulfills the order faster and the store has no tension to keep the more staffs in place to fulfill every single order.

If a product is not available in the distribution center, then its software tries to find out the nearest store to the shopper where the product is available. This new software has enabled the company to showcase only the right priced products to the users and has helped the company scale their productivity and profit like never before.

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