Amazon’s Prime Day Revival with Best Deals


Amazon Prime Day sale which started with some technical glitches is back on ramp with exclusive offers for its customers. Though, It came as a big setback to Amazon and its lovers whose Prime Day Sale initially turned out as a flop right after its commencement. But all the issues have been resolved and customers are as usual thronged at the website to shop for their loved items.

The sale will continue for 36 hours and it features more than 1 million interesting deals. However, the start is not that smooth and bothered a good number of buyers at the first place.

The technical glitch – The website suffered some major issues blocking it when the numerous customers accessing the site at a time. There are dead links which are redirecting to the home page and the error messages are too frequent on the website. It has not happened for the first time, as last year also, similar problems were observed.

Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day – A number of products are offered on discount, but a few are really worth having a look. People are getting mad to grab them fast before the stock ends. Below are a few best deals of the store.

  • Sale on Amazon devices – Amazon branded products are giving hefty discount to the users. Products like Amazon Fire streamer, echo speakers, fire tablets, kindle readers, Ring smart doorbells, and others are offering good buying opportunities. The price is comparable between Black Friday deals and Prime Deals. Hope these prices stay in the same range even after the deal.
  • Smart home deals – The deals are on products that connect your home smartly. All kind of gadgets from smart speakers to lighting and wi-fi systems are more are offered at discounted price. Amazon cloud cam, echo sound generator, Amazon echo spot and others come at attractive price.
  • Deals on PC, tablets and peripherals – Computer enthusiasts can have it all at great priced from the celebrated brands. Computer accessories and laptops have stolen the show so far.

From speakers and headphones to Bluetooth and all, the store is not leaving a single category you would love to miss. It’s just the beginning and the Day has to continue all along like this with many more surprising offers on the way

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