Amazon Prime Day Boosts Other Retailer’s Sale in 2018


Amazon’s prime day turned out to be a success despite the initial technical glitches. It has been reported, that this year marked the maximum sale on Prime Day so far. That is really appreciable considering the minimum investment of Amazon on Prime Day marketing. The best part is that, not only Amazon, but other big retailers also noticed a hype in their sale. Big retailers mean the online retailers with more than a billion annual revenue figure. Such portals reported more than 54% rise in their sales as compared to an average Tuesday sale.

Target, one of the reputed online retailer, announced that this Tuesday was the day of maximum sale for the year 2018. It witnessed maximum traffic and sales on this day. Almost millions of people visited the site and millions of orders were placed which are still being fulfilled. 90% of these orders are being fulfilled by Target in a mode that is quite different from that of Amazon.

eBay did not give any specific figure but it was already offering its products at as much as 80% discounted price on the actual MRP. Walmart, on the other hand, attracted its shoppers by offering free two-day shipping. It also offered Google home devices on discount to counter the offers on Amazon Echo.

People also downloaded a number of other shopping apps, apart from only that of Amazon. The sales thrown by eBay, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Khol’s led to more download of the apps in retail sector. Amazon app also got a boost on the Prime day with people downloading it more than ever. In the ranking of maximum app download, Amazon app climbed from #17 to #9.

However, all the retailers were not equally benefitted and those with an yearly revenue below $5 million reported an 18% increase in sales. Amazon Prime Day, though only a 36-hour sale, has kicked off the back-to-school shopping season. July to September could prove to be the most selling quarter of 2018 in the US.


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