Amazon New Delivery Model; Now Packages Would be Delivered in Your Car Trunk

amaz_image’s new partnership with Volvo and General Motors is taking customer experience to the next level with products being delivered in their car trunk. This delivery model is starting in 37 US cities and is quite helpful for the customers who were wary about their product being delivered anytime at home or being left out at the door.

In this app-based service, the owners or the customers would allow the delivery boys a keyless access to their car trunks for the products being safely placed there. This shows how Amazon is trying to upgrade its services and come closer to highly convenient user experience. However, this innovative approach by Amazon is also getting followed by its competitors through various partnerships with automotive companies.

The two car makers who have partnered with Amazon are logically linked with GM being a manufacturer of wirelessly connected cars for so long. The association with Volvo is just an expansion of its previous tie with the company since 2015 in Sweden and Switzerland.

The launch of this service, the in-car delivery of packages, is an attempt to cater people who hesitated in opening the door of their homes anytime of the day. It was considered very insecure as well as inconvenient. It is a further expansion of Amazon’s Key Services launched last year which allowed the customers to let their delivery agents open the door and deliver package at someone’s home. It intended to reduce the package theft. However, many people did not like this service as well, as they did not like giving access to a delivery agent to someone’s home.

Customer experience and reaction is yet to be read for the people opting for in-car deliver of their orders. No matter what the reaction comes, but there is no doubt about Amazon’s endeavors to please its customers which very well exemplifies the CEO, Jeff Bezos belief in building great user experiences.

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