11 Honore’ embracing the demand for plus-size clothing with maximum product flow

Honore embracing

Most of the popular online stores have failed to recognize the potential of business in plus-size clothing while putting disappointment to the respective buyers. However, 11 Honore has come forward to fill this void with its product range that really offers abundant options to the people on higher side of the sizes.

11honore.com was launched in August 2017 on Shopify with 15 designers brands which now is ready with more than 80 top brands to appeal the customers this fall season of 2018. According to Patrick Henry, the CEO of the website, “our customers want the same options and are demanding the same level of luxury as women in other size categories—but it wasn’t available. If you do find a size 12 or 14, the styles are limited.” The company got a funding of $8 million in it A round of funding making it a total of $12 million till now.

Henry looks into the huge potential to capitalize on plus size clothing by encouraging the designers to see their designers in bigger size which are demanded by a good number of shoppers. He further says that “The same scale that works for [regular] sizing will not work when you get above a size 14 to the 20s. It is a significant undertaking for brands to produce pieces in an extended size range.”

To create the bigger sizes, designers should think to create new patterns in size 16 because size 8 cannot be extended to that level. And to help the designers, the company is providing fit models and the regular customer feedbacks on the fit so that they can work on the upcoming collections. Even proper tools are being provided to the designers so that they can make sample garments in size 16. According to Henry, the traditional manufacturers can come forward as his tough competitor.

Next approach of 11Honiore is to be quite aggressively active on its blog page called 11 page. this blog specializes in content related to politics, how-to, fashion designers, and other beauty related content.


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