YOGA AWARENESS MONTH —- Are you going to include yoga in your life?


September comes as the Yoga Awareness Month for all the unlimited benefits it offers for healthy existence of human beings. Though originated in the land of Indian Subcontinent, it has dramatically penetrated in Western societies benefiting the people the natural way.

September, observed as yoga awareness month, will have many studios running across the nation, along with free yoga classes and training to bring people closer to the natural way of living healthy. This month aims at inculcating the culture of yoga in people’s lifestyle.

Benefits of yoga

Apart from increasing your stamina and flexibility along with keeping your various body systems fit, yoga has got many other benefits. It keeps you stress free, keeps serious diseases and ailments at bay, develops your immunity, and helps organs to work better. It works wonderfully to prevent several types of cancers, back pain, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety.

A few types of yoga if done regularly can even help tremendously in weight management, weight reduction and in the improvement of cardio and circulatory health.

If you have any specific health problem, a trained yoga instructor can guide you as which particular practice will help you the most. While you stay on your medication, going with appropriate yoga practice will help you get rid of the disease faster with lasting results.

Types of Yoga

There are so many types of yoga that it becomes difficult to summarise them here. However, there are separate yoga practices for body flexibility, disease protection, stomach health, cardio and pulmonary health, mental health and happiness. A right combination of yogashanas will get you the expected results.

What you have to do?

The best way to include yoga in your life is to go for a basic training from any expert. Once you understand the basics of it, practising with higher forms of yoga is possible which you can easily learn online. There are also yoga CDs and videos which can help you a lot in understanding the process how they are done. So, find and locate some yoga training classes in near your area and get started.

Yoga is not meant to be done for a month for lasting results. It’s the way of living a lifestyle that has to be followed for lifetime. In your busy schedule, get some time for your healthy living with yoga for at least five days a week. Once you are into it, the benefits will make you profess this practice forever. So, get started!

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