‘TRUMP-et’ blows while ‘LARRY’ falls down the ‘HILL’ –US celebrates the victory of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

After days of campaigning, controversies and topsy-turvy, the US finally gets its 45th President! Victory of Donald Trump early in the morning has sent shockwaves all around the world. Hopes of Mrs. Clinton’s swift victory just got faded as the Republican picked up a series of states Florida, Ohio and North Carolina and marched towards the White House. Let us have a glance why is it a gala time in the US:

Trump’s promises in favor of its citizens

Like all the contestants who make big promises at the time of election, Mr. Trump had also said so many things he would do if he gets elected for the position.  Now that he has been elected, it is the time to recall what all he had promised:

  • Building a wall and making Mexico pay for it: Donald consistently repeated to build a 1,200 miles long and 30-feet high wall that stretches from Brownsville to El Paso and story does not just ends here, he even said that he would make Mexico to pay for that. Mr. Trump everyone is eagerly waiting to see how you go about this!
  • Cutting back on taxes: Under tax reforms proposed by the new President, everyone would get a tax relief. With this around top 0.1% will enjoy the tax relief as compared to the bottom 60% of the tax payers.
  • Repealing of Obamacare: Trump during his campaigning days had called in to replace the Obamacare and replace it with a market place substitute.
  • Bringing back the manufacturing jobs: Donald Trump sees himself as the greatest ‘job President’ who promises to renegotiates the terms and conditions for the betterment of the workers so that the jobs from the manufacturing sector could be brought back. More jobs mean more opportunities to grow home-based production and that will help both offline and online retailers to improve their position. This will enhance the production of private labels products in the online stores such as ASOS, OASAP, etc.
  • Imposing tariffs on goods brought in from China and Mexico: This promise, if fulfilled, will weaken the economic power of China all around the world and on the other side will encourage the homegrown production. In the era of e-commerce, this step will also boost up the e-retailers like James Perse, Mizzen & Main and similar online stores to add more and more products to their shelves and for customers, increase in supply will definitely make them to enjoy the cut in prices.

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Impact of ‘Trump’s win’ on the online stores and coupon industry

 It looks that Mr. Trump has so many plans that will be in favor of the citizens. With cut in taxes and encouragement to the manufacturing jobs, it will passively affect the e-commerce marketplace of the country as well. Online shopping has become an inseparable activity of today’s time and so the online stores would compete with each other to make the most out of the opportunities to expand their existing customer base. There are pretty good chances that customers will soon enjoy pouring deals and offers on online shopping in the near future. It will, in turn, affect the online coupon industry as well because more deals mean more coupons and that finally leads to more incoming business for the online coupon stores. Coupon stores will also face a tight competition to flash the most recent offers from their clients and make it reach to more customers.

Quick view on what customers can expect from the online stores in the US:

  • Competitive pricing of products
  • Availability of more products on the online shelves
  • Lucrative deals and offers to entice customers
  • Improved services and quality from e-retailers

So the US gets its new President and thanksgiving is already on its way, don’t you think these are enough good reasons to celebrate? Call bunch of your friends and pick up your smartphone to order food from any online store such as Mouth and enjoy baked products, chocolates, zesty pickles; grab Mouth discounts on beverages and a lot more because it is a celebration time in USA!

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