The trending fashion color is Neon! Gals and Guys are getting mad for it!

Trending Fashion

Fashion continues to rule the popular imagination this year. Multiple fashion lines are in play and they cater to every sensibility and dress ethic. Neon and fluorescent colors are highlighting a grand comeback in modern fashion sensibilities. Full body dresses, stylish uppers, distinctive ladies’ footwear, fashion accessories, and neon cosmetics are staging a resurgence in fashion runways and studios alike. We will examine some of the aspects of this neon revolution below.

Flash of fluorescence

Distinct streaks of shocking pink and neon greens are invading the everyday dressing sensibilities. Significant numbers of young people and teenagers are adopting at least one item of clothing that signals a neon resurgence. Fashion houses and clothing designers are fuelling this boom with new lines of fashion wear that fit into the daily lives of the masses. For instance, a colorful pair of shorts can be the designated focus of a new look engineered for young people. This clothing item signals a commitment to the fashion trends of the day, while attracting the attentions of fashion-conscious peers.

Neon accessories

The neon rage is also co-opting a wide range of fashion accessories designed in bright hues. Brilliant reds, electric blues, hot pinks, and neon greens are the colors of choice for accessories designers. Even sunglasses are splashing out in neon shades and adding a touch of sharp color in the dour streets of the metropolis and small town alike. Super contrasts, such as black paired with neon yellow, are creating a somewhat outlandish sight in young fashion wear. The message is clear: neon is here to stay.

Yellow mania

Vibrant shades of yellow and acid tones are marking a distinct presence in modern wardrobes. The long dresses designed for women represent an ideal palette for a riot of distinct neon colors. Some of the best fashion houses are embossing multi-colored polka dots onto their creations in a bid to ignite consumer tastes. Certain leather goods makers are re-inventing the black leather clutch with contrasting stitches in psychedelic neon hues to spotlight the trend. Deep-toned leggings in green are pushing the limits of the imagination that animates women’s fashion designers.

Sharp contrasts

The more adventurous of apparel designers are weaving broad bands of neon into everyday colors in a concerted attempt to woo young customers. This choice of colors makes an interesting visual impression and underlines the fashion trends of the day. Neon T-shirts mated to muted denims can create a very designer look for young men and women. Some of the prominent fashion brands such as DKNY, Banana Republic, Ed Hardy, and Lacoste are promoting this look, thus propagating a distinct style statement. Neon accents in athletic footwear such as sneakers are helping drive a new-age fashion consciousness.

A host of top designers is using super bright colors to underline new fashion trends. These actions are re-defining the public perception of colors in fashion. Vibrant hues have remained a mainstay in fashion for many decades now, but the current resurgence in this century should write new chapters for posterity.

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