Top 5 uses of smartphones by young generation

Technology has changed significantly over time and its impact on the young generation has also kept on changing. What has remained common is the promptness at which this new generation grabs new technology and makes the best possible use of that. Smartphones have emerged as the most revolutionary device of this age and not only youngsters, but people of all age have got used to it, the only difference lies in its usage.

Here are some smart uses of smartphone by the young generation.

#1. Checking and updating social media

The first thing youngsters do in the morning is to check the social media sites, update their status, comment to others’ posts, and then start the day. The compulsion of having frequent glances at the social media is such that the smartphone is even carried to the toilets to keep tapping the screen.

#2. Reading news online

People do have news apps on their mobile to keep track of the latest happenings without sitting in front of the TV for long. Apart from news app, social media, and other modes are also used to check news. One more noticeable thing is that, those preferring news on the smartphones don’t have habit of checking the phone frequently. They also don’t sleep with their phone as compared to others who prefer social media.

#3. Sending text and making phone calls

Yes, new generation loves sending text messages to their friends and hence use their smartphones to send messages. Calling from mobile phone is the most obvious use of a phone that gives real time information and communication advantage.

#4. Checking mails

Young generation and professionals find smartphones as the best mode to check emails and give response. It keeps the communication flow quick and intact. Earlier when people needed to be in front of a system to respond to a mail was a bit inconvenient which is eliminated with the use of smartphones.

#. Fun games and photos

Passing time alone is not difficult with smartphone in hand offering a number of entertaining games for people of all different tastes. Youngsters passing time in college, waiting for a cab, or sitting along in a bus enjoy a lot of lonely time with the smartphone in their hand. Not only this, smartphones are the best device to create memories by taking pictures and selfies. Incidentally, the young generation love photos and make the best use of their phone in taking photos.

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