Tips to feed your pet the right way


Pets are like your babies and a little carelessness can cost high. Right from their cleanliness to their diet, you need to be very careful while deciding everything for your loved pet. No matter you are having a cat or a puppy at home, they need attention and your time. To nourish your pets the right way, you need to be aware of their requirements, limitations, and special characteristics. Below are a few tips that can help you choose the right nutrition for your pet and the right way of feeding them.

  • Choose a balanced nutritional food: Based on your pet’s breed, choose the right kind of nutrition mix for it. Check the label and avoid fatty content. Ask to the veterinarian about the right type of food your pet needs.
  • Watch the pet for any allergy or intolerance: If you have brought home a new pet or switching the existing food, watch for the response of pet after having the food. Any vomiting or stomach ache should be noted and then you need to reconsider your choice.
  • Measure the meal portion: Free fall of the food in the bowl should be avoided. Always measure the portion you serve so that next time you offer the same. It will also develop a quantized food habit in your pet. Also, ask the veterinarian about the food portion so that you feed your pet adequately. Overfeeding and underfeeding is not good for your pet’s
  • Maintain regularity: Being consistent with the type and brand of the food you serve will be good for your pet as it will get habituated to it. It will also not upset the tummy of your pet. If for any reason, you plan to change the food, try giving it in small quantity by mixing it will the current food.
  • Think of substitutes: Apart from feeding the regular packaged food, try including some natural food items and fruits after consulting the expert. It will give more nutrition to your pet. But make sure to crosscheck. Feed only what can be digested easily.
  • Consider pet’s physical activity: It is possible that you do exercise or jogging and unknowingly your pet is also getting exhausted with you. More physical activity may require more food or different type of food. Talk to the veterinarian about this and choose the right quality and quantify of pet food.
  • Consider pet’s age: A young, old, or newly born pet will have different food requirement. Age matters a lot in the appetite and digestive capability of the pets. Keep this in mind while feeding your pet.

Pet care is a delicate thing which needs you to be conscious, aware and informed. Keep these tips in mind and for any suggestion, do not forget to meet a veterinarian.

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