It’s time to review your new year resolution: It is successful or failure?

"new year resolution"

Mid of January is the right time to ask ourselves how far could we stick to our new year resolutions. You would have vowed to leave some unhealthy eating habits, read a lot, quit smoking, lose weight, exercise daily, think positively or something like this. So, how much could we follow our own decision is important to analyze now as it is going to decide whether this new year will really bring some change or we are going to pass it like the past year. Some of us would have achieved 50% of our commitment, some might stick hard to meet all their expectations, and some would have failed right after a few days of the new year.

Let us try to understand why we fail to achieve our new year resolutions.

Why new year resolutions fail?

  • You could not define your resolution well: Might be you were yourself not sure what and how much you had to achieve. It is not easy to achieve targets which are not specific and measurable.
  • You lacked the right mindset: Trying to achieve something among a lot of unfavorable condition is not easy. If you want to achieve professional success, but are always preoccupied with stress at personal front, then it becomes difficult to achieve that. Similarly, check other factors which should support your aim and not distract you.
  • Inefficient time management: When you vow to include a new thing in your life, you need to give some time to it. In other words, you have to create some time in your existing routine. It needs planning and implementation, which you would have lacked and hence your resolution failed.

Make your new year resolution successful

We make resolutions to bring goodness in our lives and so these resolutions should be successful. Here are a few ways that can help you make your new year resolution successful.

  • Make one firm resolution: Do not try to bring everything good all at a time. That is unrealistic and difficult to achieve which may lead to failure and frustration. So, come out with one firm decision. When you channelize your energy to achieve one thing, it gets easier to achieve that.
  • Take time to decide your resolution: New year eve does not give sufficient time to decide what you will take up. Take some time prior to the eve, plan, think, analyze your potential, and then decide what you want to change in your life in the coming year.
  • Break your goal into steps: If you are finding it hard to stick to your hard resolution, then break it in simpler easy to achieve steps. Give full focus on achieving one step for ultimate success at the end.
  • Consider your failure temporary: If you are failing to achieve your target then consider it a temporary failure. Do not take it as a set-back to give up at all. There will be dull days and frustrating nights, but that does not mean that you should give up your resolution.
  • Enjoy some sluggish days: If someday you want a break from your touch resolution days, then take a break. But always remember, you have to get back to your resolution with a fresh mind and more motivated attitude.
  • Stay motivated: Motivate yourself by getting connected to others who are close to their goals and keep reading motivating articles. The best way to motivate yourself is to think what will happen once you fulfill your resolution.
  • Reward yourself: When you break your resolution into several steps, you might achieve then and whenever such achievement comes, do not miss to reward yourself. You deserve it to keep yourself motivate.

Every year is an opportunity to do something new and bring something new out of you. New year resolutions help us do that. I wish you all a very happy year ahead and may your resolutions be successful.

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