The Jewelry Wardrobe of an American Woman


Woman, the chick or the simplistic, Asian or the American, housewife or the working, loves a common thing and that is the jewelry. Woman want to have a good collection of jewelry, what differs is the style and the look of the piece. The jewelry styling of American women is a little different which varies from small, light-weight office wear collection to huge and heavy party wears. That is why, considering all the varying needs and moods of a women, there are 5 different types of wardrobe must for an American woman.

A pair of stud earrings

You can go adding a little variety in your earring collection. However, the must to have piece is a stud, probably a stone stud to make it appropriate for any outfit you wear. Studs are rough and tough and suitable for daily wear and office wear. If you choose to have coloured stones in the stud, the look will be different and elegant with specific outfits.

Hoops and Hangings

Earrings are the most prominent of all jewelry and gets noticed every time to have a change. So, having a little more number of pieces in your wardrobe is not a bad idea. Adding to the stud collection, if you go for hoops and hangings, it will look more stylish. Based on your personal choice, face cut, and length of hair, you can go for the hangings.

Exclusive finger rings

The rings in your hand catches the attraction of your and depicts your individual style. You can stand differently with a ring that speaks for your unique choices. From a single stone ring to large metal rings covering your finger, you can go for one that matches your mood. Go for just your choice of piece which is comfortable and beautiful. Having a few in the collection will only add to you making different presentations at different occasions.

Long necklace

The trend of long necklace is back. Have a few long metal chains, small pearl chains, or beads chain and experiment with them for different looks. They are quite good to be worn for outdoors and offices. You also have the option to double it and make it look shorter and denser. So, as per your outfit and choice, use long chains.


You can have one or many. You can have of different designs or same. Anything you do with a bracelet is a style. Either buy one for one hand or go for a set for both the hands. You can have a single stone studded bracelet for one hand which will look classy and descent. For festivals and other fun gatherings, wearing a couple of bracelets will make you stand out of the crowd.

There could be no limitation to the collection you should have, the above list is the bare minimum if you love jewelry. You can get more idea exploring the online catalogues of jewelry and the latest jewelry collection online.

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