Thanksgiving day falls on 24th November 2016 & Giving thanks for the harvest !

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Thanksgiving day is a national holiday in the United states and Canada. It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest for the preceding year. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the united states and second Monday of October in Canada. Several other places  around the world observe comparable celebrations. Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated  with a belief.

How Do People Celebrate :

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the United States, commemorating the fall harvest and kicking of holidays. It is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal. Thanksgiving Day is time for many people  give thanks for what they have and giving them a small token of gifts as they love them.Thanksgiving Day celebrated with parades are held in some cities and towns on or around.It also marks the opening of the Christmas Shopping Season. Most of the family   has a four day weekend so it is a popular time for trips and visit family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day Dishes:

Today, thanksgiving traditions vary by family and region, but the ingredients are mostly indigenous to the Americans. The main dish is normally roasted turkey with stuffing,sides of mashed potatoes and gravy,corn ,green beans, Squash, cranberry sauce and bread. The most popular desserts are apple pie,pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. Some more recent immigrants have incorporated food from their own culture into the feast, evolving the holiday  while maintaining the essence , Southern specialties like macaroni and cheese have also made into the feasts, Whlile Scandinavian dishes like  lefse and  lutefisk have been added into the  feast by north. Thanksgiving celebrations honored community by sharing food among friends and family while acknowledging grateful for the food,thanksgiving day  celebration day is  more focus  on the community.Friends and family gather together to enjoy a communal meal. Canned food drives and meals for assistance are an important part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

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Public Life:

Most of schools , government offices, businesses and other organizations are closed on Thanksgiving Day. Many businesses and offices allow staff to have a four day weekend so these offices and businesses are closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving day. It is one of the busiest periods for travel in the USA. This can cause blocking and overcrowding. Seasonal parades and busy with football games can cause disruption to local traffic.

Thanksgiving Sale 2016:

Deep discounts on smartphones ,Widescreen HDTV, gaming consoles, hot ticket items  are always a big draw for shoppers on thanksgiving with a major retailers by Dell, Kohl’s, Walmart, Best Buy, JC Penny’s and Toys R Us and many more…

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