Say loud on Father’s Day “I love you dad”


We all do have sweet and sour memories with our fathers. Sweet when they listened to our demands and sour when they denied many of our childish and unsafe demands. Still, we all acknowledge in our hearts that whatever our father does, it is always for our good. So, now here comes the occasion to say thanks to our loving dad for everything he did and could not do for us. Here comes the day to say “I love You Dad” with all our high spirit.

This 17th of June, go with some exciting ideas for Father’s Day celebration 2018. You can add your flavor to below mentioned activities for Father’s Day or Father’s Day gifts.

  1. Attend any function or public show with your father: It would be great if you get some ticket of sports your father loves. Going for a golf show, ball game, bike ride, bowling, fishing, trekking could be a great activity.
  2. Visit historical sites: If you father is a lover of historic monuments, then take some time to go for a weekend visit to his choice of historical places. Eating out, taking a stroll with your father and recalling old memories will boost your bond.
  3. Build something to create memory: If your dad has a workshop or her loves woodwork, build a birdhouse with him to remember always. Else, you can also give him a paint brush to paint a memory of this Father’s Day. You can order some craftsman tools online at
  4. Go for a movie: You can choose either to watch on the big screen or at home as per your dad’s choice. Choose some family-friendly movie to give the best end to your Father’s Day celebration.
  5. Gift something: Gadgets like power bank, charger, headphones, sports items, smartphone, musical devices can be a good gift for fathers. However, if you are aware of any specific necessity of your father then don’t delay in presenting that.

Say “Thanks” to your dad

Any gift or present cannot compensate for the hardships your father has taken for you. It’s time to say thanks for everything he did. The first thing you can do in the morning is to go to your father, give a tight hug to him and say “Dad, I love you. Thanks for everything.” No gift can be bigger than your acceptance that your father matters everything for you.


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