Kids not eating? Make them eat well with bright feeding essentials

feeding essentials

Toddlers and young kids are generally fussy about eating. No matter how creative you are in you cooking skills, they might turn down the plate to your dissatisfaction. Parents needs to be more innovative in presenting the right type of foods to their kids, as well as in the way of presentation. Sometimes, the serving essentials also matter a lot in attracting the kids to eat and enjoy the food. So, below is a list of items you must have at home to make your kid attracted towards food

  • High chair: Most of the houses do have them. So, what’s new? New is the latest high chairs which are musical along with attractive toys hanging in which kids can get lost and you can easily make them eat.
  • Bright plates and spoons : There are variety of plates available with in-built barriers to separate the food items. Theme based food plates are also available. If you child is a fan of Disney, iron man, or spider man, you can have similar plates to make them sit in front of the food.
  • Baby bowls: Choose right size bowls for your child. They should look bright. You can also opt for designer bowls with theme designs as advised for the plates. They can really be comfortable and good looking to make your child eat.
  • Bottles, sipper cups, or straws: Many kids do not drink water properly. They also avoid juices, milk and other healthy drinks. Sippers or good-looking bottles can attract them. You can also try giving liquid food in glass with straws. It generally makes the kid drink well.
  • Designer baby bibs: Putting the bibs before making your child eat might prepare him mentally that its food time. It will not only protect the child’s cloth from getting food stains but will also reduce your task of cleaning the clothes.
  • Lunch boxes: Choose the lunch boxes carefully. If they are not easy to open or look boring, you child might not want to carry it. Forget eating after that.

There could be many other ideas also to make your child eat. Every child is different and something that works on one child might not work on other. Above are a few general ideas, however, try to have your own innovative idea for your unique child. Let’s see whether it works!

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