IKEA furniture -Best 5 space saving ideas you must see

IKEA furniture

IKEA furniture makes some wonderful pieces of fixtures and you must definitely have some of them at home. These durable, cost-effective items can grace any home in the world. Cramped apartments are a reality in most parts of the world and IKEA creates plenty of options for the modern householder. Here is a selection of some pieces of IKEA furniture that should save you some space at home, while offering you good value for money for years to come.

  • The RASKOG utility cart costs you an estimated $24.99. This piece of wheeled furniture will fit into any nook or cranny of your apartment. You can use the different levels to store some books, boots, packets of detergent, or use it as a nightstand. IKEA furniture will sell you this utility cart in black, beige, red, and brown. The price tag is reasonable and even more so because you will continue to find different uses for many years.
  • The Ekedalen Extendable Table is yours for the flat price of $119. This is an interesting set of modern furniture. It can accommodate four adults in its widest configuration. It can comfortably seat you and a visiting friend for a tea and chat session. You can extend the table when more friends drop in. This neat offering from IKEA furniture has a very small footprint and will save you space when not in use.
  • The NORRAKER Chair is perfect for your living room. You pay $69 for one chair and can buy as many as you want. Four to six chairs should be perfect for a modern apartment. You can stack these chairs vertically when they are not in use. This means all these pieces of comfortable seating occupy the space of a single chair in a corner of your apartment. This sturdy piece of furniture can be a talking point when friends visit.
  • The VEBEROD Room Divider costs $129 but can help you make better use of your apartment space. This piece of wheeled furniture offers a sturdy wire grid designed to hold kitchen appliances and fashion accessories. This room divider enables you to steer clear of making permanent fixtures on the walls of your apartment. You can wheel it around the place as and when required.
  • The Nordrana Hanging Storage is a nifty piece of engineering that can find use inside bathrooms, closets, on the side of your front door, etc. The different nests on this piece of movable furniture can hold hats, cleaning supplies, mittens, magazines, scarves, cleaning brushes, spare change, etc. It will cost you an estimated $20 per piece and can easily become a part of your family’s daily life.

Every home is not spacious, but with the right choice of furniture, you can make it look spacious while adding convenience to your home. IKEA furniture has made the lives of people easier and comfortable with its exclusively designed furniture which is really smart. The addition of top five furniture mentioned above can let you experience the best of furnishings without consuming much space. So, next time you plan to buy a furniture, make sure to consider these options.

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