Which Halloween Character or Celebrity You are Going to be This Year?

Halloween costume

Halloween is knocking the door with all its scariest possible personifications and everyone is planning for a getup that is better than others and the scariest one. It becomes very difficult to choose any specific Halloween costume unless you are sure as what you would look like. You first need to decide on the demon, devil, monster, or vampire you would like to flaunt yourself with. However, you can also choose to try the prettiest version of yourself with a Barbie theme costume, some famous Hollywood celebrity or any other pleasing character. So, here are a few Halloween characters, you can try this year.

1. Make yourself a rocket: Weird but different, right? Buy a costume that looks like a rocket. You can become a Sputnik 2 with the right choice of fabric or else directly an outfit looking like a rocket can be bought.

2. Become an alien: It could be really interesting. To become an alien, you don’t need any specific costume or outfit. You can go with any DIY idea also on how you can look like an alien. For makeup, you can buy products on discount with Ulta Beauty coupons.

3. A character from infinity Avengers war: This you might find a common theme this year with everyone fall in love with the movie. Also, it is quite easy to buy costumes of infinity warriors as they are available in online stores as well as offline stores. Find the best deals on Halloween costumes at Kmart or you can also use Newegg coupons to buy Halloween costumes.

4. Animal heads: Plenty of animal heads in the shape of helmets are available. Buy a cat head, dog head, elephant head, lion head or anything else as per your choice. Just dress up accordingly and make the feel as if you have come from an animal land.

5. Try being robotic: It is easy to do with things available at your home. Give yourself the look of a robot. If possible add some background music to your robotic moves and be special in the Halloween party.

6. Emoticon: Smiles are everyone’s favorite. You can have two to three for yourself to keep changing your emotions during the entire event of the party. Not much creativity is needed in the dressing and you can go with your regular dress.

7. Flying genie: You can dress up like a genie and look really glamorous. In this context, other ideas are also there like the Cinderella costume, mermaid costumes, fairy or barbie costumes.

8. Try being a zombie: This could be the scariest one. A little dirty clothe, facial makeup with blood and flesh hanging around is all that you need. You can easily do this at your own home without depending on the readymade zombie costume.

9. Go headless: Yes, you can really do it. Add a body above your head bringing your head in the center of the artificial body and you look like as if someone has beheaded you. It is the fieriest way you can present yourself.

Halloween Deals Online

You just plan for the party with Halloween outdoor decor on discount using Lowe’s coupons. The party decoration products are also available at highly discounted prices with Overstock coupons or Party City promo codes. For costumes, depending on the online sites to reduce your work and designing and creating the costumes. However, if you are a DIY lover, then don’t hesitate and go for any of the suggested themes. They can really make you look special.

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