Frequent Hunger Pangs? Try These Tips!


Feeling hungry is good. It shows that your appetite and metabolism are working fine and you are in best of your health. But when these hunger pangs come frequently, you might tend to turn to unhealthy choices of food that can affect you adversely. Below are a few factors that might lead to increased feeling of hunger and a few tips that will help you to snack better.

  • You eat less of fulfilling food

Having less fat and protein in your diet may lead to quick digestion of food making you hungry even now and then. Try to have cheese, nuts, legumes and meat in your diet to keep your tummy full always.

  • You drink less water

Water has an appetite-reducing property and having it on time can make your stomach full. Keep drinking water, especially before having the food. Just make sure you have access to really clean water from water purifier at home and mineral water bottles outside.

  • You exercise more

Getting engaged in more physical activity burns more energy making you hungry soon. If you are practising any sports, doing any kind of physical training, or if your regular routine needs you to work harder, then eating required amount of food is necessary. Take help of nutritionist to decide on your diet or go for some health supplements, protein powders or other additional things that can give you required calories.

  • You are recovering from sickness

During sick days, we tend to lose our appetite. Once the ailment is treated, we regain that appetite and feel more hungry than regular. There is nothing to worry about these hunger pangs as they are for the good of our body. So, just eat healthy and recover soon!

  • You are taking some particular medicines

There are certain medicines that might increase your hunger. Especially the medicines for thyroid problems and diabetes have been found to increase the appetite. In such cases you can discuss the condition with your doctor. Just make sure whatever you are eating should be good for your body.

  • Unhealthy mental condition

Certain mental conditions, aggression or depression might also lead you to eat more. When people don’t understand what to do next, they release their anxiety on food, eating more and more frequently. Be aware! This could be dangerous. Meet a specialist soon.

Drinking more alcohol let you eat less at the meal time. But again after some time, you get hungry and look for any type of food to eat and satiate your hunger. More alcohol means more hunger and untimely and unhealthy eating. This is not at all good for your health in any way. Such hunger driven by alcohol consumption should be stopped.

Don’t take the unusual symptoms of your body lightly. Seek medical help whenever required without any delay. For your hungers, order some healthy food online and do not binge on alluring unhealthy snacks all the time.


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