Discounted Shopping: Understand the types of online offers and discounts


The world wide web has made the world smart and people are more aware and conscious now. With the advent of e-Commerce, the shopping is made further convenient. However, the people’s thirst for “More” is still alive with everyone looking for the best shopping options. Now getting products delivered at the doorstep is not enough, rather products on discount, delivered at best rates is the search. Thanks to the online e-commerce portals who have found a solution for this by offering a number of discounts and sale on their website time to time. You have several types of offers and discounts at your disposal.

Before opting for any shopping opportunity, you should first understand what these online offers are and which one is best for you to go with. So, here are a few types of offers and discounts you must know about to make the most out of your online shopping experience.

Percentage-based discount or % OFF discounts

These offers are mostly placed on products that are not moving or are old collection. In fashion, old-fashioned products are discounted to make them move fast before a new collection is displayed for the buyers. From marginal discounts like 5% off or 10% to as much as 50% off and 70% off are given in certain merchandise to let them flow during the sale season. If you are fond of any particular high-priced product irrespective of the what is latest in the trend, you should look for such percentage-based discount to have it at the best price.

Currency-based discount or certain $ OFF discount

This is a very good discount offer usually placed on highly priced products and gives a good psychological trigger to the buyers. If you want to buy an iPad whose cost is $ ____ and if you happen to see an ad like $200 OFF on iPad, you would probably not prefer to lose this offer. This is a direct saving you make on a single purchase. If you are buying any item in bulk for gifting and getting certain dollar off on every purchase, it is definitely a great saving. Not only this, you also see ads like save $10 on a purchase of $150 dollars. These are all direct saving opportunities. You can search for such offers on a coupon website where dollar-discount offers are also listed.

FREE shipping offers

You ordered a book worth $35 and the shipping cost charged was $15; did it ever happen to you? It is quite interesting to know that a number of shopping carts are abandoned due to shipping cost. So, if you are also looking for a delivery that is free of shipping cost, you are not wrong. Look for products that are delivered for free. Many websites offer free delivery on a minimum purchase while others offer every delivery for free. You can find such discount coupons for free delivery on a coupon website.

Cashback Offers

It is one such offer that gets the customer loyalty for a particular store. Most of the cashbacks are credited on the personal store wallets allotted to customers upon subscription. When you purchase any item, you get a certain cashback in your wallet. For instance, if you buy a clothe worth $60, you might get $5 cashback in your wallet, or else you might also get 20% cashback in your account. This cashback amount can be used to shop in the same store. While you save your money, the store gets a customer who will definitely come back to shop more for using the cashback amount.

Gifts or gift card offers

Gifts are the most tempting way of attracting customers. As a buyer, you also get temped to buy something if a free gift is coming with it. Credit cards are offered to the customers, these days, with a number of free gifts. In other situation, a gift card worth a few dollars are offered to the customer which he or she can use or gift to someone else. These gift cards can be sent through email and are very convenient to use.

Mentioned above are a few latest trends of offering discounts in the ecommerce industry which you should be aware of while shopping online. These various types of discount coupons would definitely save a lot for you.


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