How to choose flowers for Specific Occasions


Flowers represent a wonderful creation of nature that soothe the human senses. These gifts of Mother Nature have spurred the creation of beautiful pieces of poetry, music, and other forms of creative expression. Flowers also represent the acme of natural beauty; hence, human beings have used flowers for a variety of purposes down the millennia.

  • Flowers for romance – The mating game is a universal pursuit and it commences with a casual date. Boy meets girl. Young man meets the young lady. Social custom dictates that the male should bring a nice arrangement of flowers for the female. You can choose artful arrangements of tulips, dandelions, and orchids for the lady on a first date. This selection conveys the sense of affection of the presenter. Western culture also prizes a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses as the ultimate expression of romantic emotions.
  • Flowers for Valentine’s Day – This occasion is an annual ritual chosen by young people to meet their special ones. A gift of red roses can set the perfect tone for a date on Valentine’s Day. A large bouquet signifies the depth of feeling on the part of the gentleman. In addition, purple roses and pink tulips can convey the feelings of joy and ecstasy for the young couple. The enthusiastic lover can invest some time to commission a special bouquet of many kinds of flowers to impress his date on this day.
  • Flowers for Birthdays – These are special, joyous, group occasions. Flower arrangements comprising primroses, carnations, hawthorns, lilies, and honeysuckles are ideal gifts
    for birthdays. The sheer joy of colors from such bouquets elevates the senses and conveys a special birthday message. The sense of euphoria that follows can lighten the mood and make the celebrations extra special. You must be careful to wrap sheets of cellophane around the bouquet to keep the flowers fresh.
  • Flowers for Anniversaries – Delicate flowers such as cherry blossoms and peach blossoms are the perfect gift for an anniversary couple. You can greet the special couple at their home and have the flowers delivered from a specialty florist. Lilies and gold roses are some of the alternatives for such an occasion. The heady scent of these flowers and their rich colors are sure to impress the celebratory couple. You must ascertain the freshness of these floral creations and consult with the florist regarding delivery timelines.
  • Flowers for recovering patients – A splash of colourful flowers can liven up the recovery of a patient in hospital rooms. The bright and cheery tones of marigolds and daffodils are ideal to pump a recovering patient’s resolve to bounce back into the mainstream of life. Visitors can also exercise their personal discretion when plan to visit a friend in hospital. A bunch of bright yellow flowers can work wonders for the mood of the patient.
  • Flowers for Funerals – These are sombre occasions and the choice of flowers must be made accordingly. In the western hemisphere, most people choose chrysanthemums and yellow lilies to convey their condolences. The quiet majesty of these flowers, set among green leaves, symbolize the sobriety of the occasion. A different range of flowers includes orchid plants, carnations, and gladioli. Some florists can fashion combinations of purple and white flowers for funerals.

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