Child Safety and Surveillance—-What Basic Steps Parents Can Take

child safety

Children are the most vulnerable of all with numerous incidences detailing about their abuse, assault, exploitation, and inhuman treatment. Not only outdoor locations or strangers, kids have experienced humiliation in their own homes and among their own people. As a parent, it haunts in our minds as how to safeguard our children. Three are a few basic things that can be done to enable the first shield of protection around them.

#1. Child surveillance cameras

It is a must. In you are leaving your child at home alone to be taken care of by a baby sitter or a family member, make sure to keep a constant watch on what happens through the day. You must install cameras in your house, lawn and open areas inside the campus. It will keep you updated of any suspected intrusion as well as the behavior of the care giver.  There are varieties of cameras in different shapes and sizes available online at Amazon, eBay, and other online stores. Compare the features and cost and get it installed for the safety of your child.

#2. Choose Playschools and Daycares Wisely

Your child spends a good fraction of time in the daycare or playschool. While the management takes enough care to ensure security of their children, it becomes your responsibility also to get to know all the teachers and attendants thoroughly. Ask for the access to their surveillance cameras to get to know you kid gets close to whom and how care is provided to him or her.

#3. Educate your child on personal safety

Most of the kids are abused because they don’t know what is happening to them. Educate your child about safe and unsafe touch. Give them enough confidence and encouragement to share anything they did not like during the whole day. You would find a lots of information on the internet and CD and videos in online music stores which gives education about enabling child to take their own safety measures.

The time has come when we need to raise our kids as smart kids, not in terms of using gadgets and devices, but in terms of their safety and protection. Make them smart enough to sense unusual ambience, unsafe behavior, and impending danger. A little awareness and cautiousness from parents can help prevent a lot of safety issues emerging among the kids. Be aware, be safe!

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