Cheap and stylish wall decor ideas 2018


Walls at home represent the solidarity of your house, its protection, and the mood of its inhabitants. It is very important to have the walls well painted, clean, and decorated aptly to reflect your living and mood. Here are some exciting wall décor ideas for house of every size that can be done easily and affordably.

  1. Photo gallery wall: You would find multitude of Photo frames accommodating number of photos together. From hexagonal frames to geometric shapes and simple, you can decorate your wall with memorable photos of your family.
  2. Wallpaper and stickers: The choice goes as per the interior of your house and the color of other walls. You will find a number of patterns of wall paper that can make your wall look vibrant. Or else, on plain background, you can stick some stickers of scenery, plant, designs, animals, butterflies, fairies, or any other as per your choice. The stickers are available for kids’ room, kitchen, living room, dinning hall and more.
  3. Wall plants: Believe me, natural plants on your walls can really give them life as not other decoration can give. There are frames available with necessary nutrients on them and a plant that needs little care to grow and decorate your wall. Various shapes and sizes of plant frames are available.
  4. Paintings and portraits: Exquisite paintings of various patterns, personalities, scenery, landscape, geometrical designs and others can make your wall look great. Choose the size as per the size of your wall.
  5. Wall hangings and tapestry: Many traditional tapestries are available which can be easily fixed on to the walls while beautifying them. Handmade crafts, thread work and embroidered hangings look very beautiful in houses with traditional set up.
  6. Wall Stands: These stands not only modify the look of the wall, but also provide you space to keep things you need frequently. On wall stands of various patterns, you can keep decorative items like colourful bottles, mementos, statues, and more.
  7. Wall fountain: These are really great. There are electrical and battery-operated wall fountains which can be installed on the walls. Water will keep falling and recycled to the motor for continuous flow. It brings positive energy in the house while giving an exclusive look.
  8. Art work on walls: The wall can be painted normally and then some art work could be done on it based on the interior. For kids’ room it has to be different and for living room, it needs to be different. Even 3D art work is possible these days.
  9. Glass work on the wall: Large hanging mirrors are in fashion now. However, other designed glasswork can also be hanged giving a total reflection and making the house look bright and vibrant.
  10. Install antiques: Antique items could be placed in a defined pattern on the wall placing some stands. It will give unique look to the wall.

These wall decor ideas are really impressive and can make people visiting your house ask how you did them. There are many wall decor items available online in home decor section of Walmart or Amazon. You just need to pick them wisely to make your walls look great in your budget.

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