The Best 20 fun gifts you can present to someone


Fun gifts are a happy diversion from the cares and worries of everyday life. These functional and visually attractive artifacts can sit on your work desk or inside a showcase at home. offers many fun gifting ideas. Let’s check out some fun toys below.

  1. Dog Piggy Bank – This battery-operated coin bank saves your spare change in a box. The dog atop the box happily ‘munches’ the coins and helps you save your money!
  2. Magnetic Bells – Invite your friends to try this game of collecting small metal bells of different colors with a wand. The player with the best hand-eye coordination collects 10 bells and wins the game!
  3. Electric Shaker Blender – A small battery-powered blender that lets you see the tornado action inside the blender. This gadget is useful to make fruit juice, cocktails, baby formula, energy drinks, lemonade, etc.
  4. Graduate Keychain – A shiny, blingy keychain ideal for new graduates; this is a fun gift for people that wish to pursue higher studies.
  5. Wooden Brain Teaser – You can try all the combinations in this fun toy to make different shapes. This teaser is a great workout for your grey cells!
  6. Infinity Cube – This popular fidget toy that helps pass the time. It is suitable for young children, teenagers, and adults.
  7. Standing Board Game – If large board games excite you, this is the one for you! Drop colored discs into the slots and spend fun time with your family.
  8. Shock Ball Hot Potato Game – This plastic ball is a fun game for friends. The toy emits tiny electric shocks at random, so players should keep passing the ball at all times!
  9. Air-Zooka – How about toy cannon that tosses a plastic ball across the room? This toy offers harmless entertainment to children of all ages. The resounding (pop!) is part of the fun.
  10. Where’s my Stuff? – Metal wires colored in bright hues can help you remember your prized possessions. Each wire has a hoop so you can use the wire to indicate the location of key chains, small media players, etc.
  11. Shark Scrubby Holder – Fun shapes for your kitchen and washroom! This is a toy shark with a gaping mouth that holds scrubbers. Little kids can play with this for endless hours of fun.
  12. Blast Popper – This hand-held air-powered shooter lets you have fun with your friends at home and in the garage. Use this gun to toss a soft plastic ball across the room!
  13. Plasma Ball – Straight out of science fiction, the plasma ball creates lightning arcs and interesting light patterns right on the desktop. This can be a fun addition to your home party for family and friends!
  14. Toilet Night Light Gadget – Any plans to light up the washroom? Try this gadget – it emits up to nine colors from LED lights. Your toilet gets a new look every few minutes!
  15. Magnetic Wristband – This wristband helps hold nails, bolts, and screws in place as you go about fixing your house. The wristband looks cool and gives you some ‘superhero’ powers.
  16. Constellation Mug – Do you fancy some stars on your coffee mug? This mug creates star systems when you load it with hot beverages. Perfect for star lovers!
  17. Original Hanging Hammock Rope Chair – Built to exacting standards, this rope chair lets you climb onto cushioned comfort and relax for hours at home! The cotton and polyester materials are best in class!
  18. Plug and Play Creative Banana – Avid gadget users can use this bright yellow banana to charge their smartphones and media players on their desks. An interesting take on the popular tropical fruit – we agree!
  19. Touch Bedside Lamp – This gadget lets you wake up to soothing lights in the middle of the night. It has a Bluetooth-powered mechanism to connect to your smartphones and tablets.
  20. LED Flashing Gloves – This brings sheer joy to kids! These battery-powered gloves safely allow kids to spend hours with their hands ‘flashing’ in multiple colours.

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