Avoid wearing these 5 types of shoes


Shoes have evolved into multiple product lines that are commercially available in colors and sizes for modern shoppers and consumers. We can pick from a range of sneakers, loafers, trainers, pumps, stilettos, platform wedges, hand-stitched leather shoes, moccasins, walking shoes, boat shoes, brogues, boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc. when we shop for footwear. The range of products is truly mind-boggling and can confuse even the informed consumer. However, we must avoid certain types of footwear to safeguard our health and comfort. We will survey these types in the paragraphs below.

Flat Sandals

These are an instance of modern fashion in fashion for ladies and women. The colors and designs available on such footwear make them a favorite for the targeted group. However, flat sandals offer little by way of cushioning and impact absorption mechanisms. The force exerted by the heel striking the ground is transmitted to the spine, where it can exert stress. In addition, the lack of cushioning stresses the delicate bones that comprise human feet. In light of these facts, a modern consumer should steer clear of flat sandals.


These examples of footwear are constructed of flat, low-grade rubber surfaces and other synthetic materials. Flip-flops can be termed as casual wear but create stress of human legs due to the lack of cushioning. Though available in attractive, colorful designs, the modern flip-flop creates pressure on the lower spine and can create long-term health problems after regular wear. This form of comfortable footwear exposes your feet to bacterial and fungal infections. The structure of the flip-flop also triggers blisters in human feet and can damage human toes.

Clogs Shoes

Popular among the fashion conscious, clogs have gained a wide following in developed markets. These examples of modern footwear typically have heels higher than two inches and no rubber soles. This structure creates high pressure on the knees and removes a sense of balance when walking in clogs. These types of footwear are uniformly harmful to the feet and can cause fractures and cause bunions. Walking in clogs also encourages wearers to drag their feet, which causes problems in basic walking postures.


These types of footwear are worshipped in the altars of high fashion but present very real difficulties to the wearer. The modern stilletos places the heel at a high angle and squeezes the toes thus making for an uncomfortable walking experience. Stilettos can trigger dangerous side effects through sprained ankles, bleeding bunions, and nerve damage. In addition, the very un-practical shape and construction of the modern stiletto can cause sudden shifts in body weight, throwing the wearer off balance. This can cause pain and fractures in other parts of the body.

Platform Wedges Shoes

This type of footwear finds favor with young, fashion-conscious women . The unusually stiff structure of platform wedges create balancing issues; they do not allow the human foot to bend with every step. The heels are far higher than the toe in these creations and can make for unstable personal locomotion. Wearers must remain conscious of the fact they cannot partake in regular activities when wearing platform wedges.

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