7 Things everyone wants in a Hotel Room

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Travelling to different places for leisure, business, or family requirements is too often in everyone’s life. You need to book a hotel for the purpose and when you are paying money for it, you would definitely like to have all the amenities it promises. Hotels in different budget have varying facilities to offer based on the hotel ranking and the charges you pay. However, a few common things must be there in every room. Here we are going to discuss about a few must-to-have features of hotel room that everyone looks for.

  • More electrical sockets to plug stuffs: Isn’t it right? The first thing we look in a hotel room is the availability of electrical sockets to plug laptop on the one side and mobile charger on the other side. To keep playing games in the iPad an added socket will help a lot.
  • AC and control over AC: It is great if ACs are left on to us to manipulate the temperature. Everyone would not like the same temperature and hence a central AC is not what we usually want.
  • Hot shower and non-dripping taps: It is a must in every hotel room. We might need to take bath early in the morning or late at night. So, hot shower is a must to have thing in the hotel room to pamper our body pains after a long hectic day.
  • Bath towels, soaps, sanitizers: Many rooms give only small hand towels which we don’t like. So, a big towel is a must to have along with good quality soaps in the bathroom. A hand sanitizer on the table would definitely give a good vibe about the hygiene of the room.
  • Free wireless internet: Days cannot pass without a free internet. Be it for communication or entertainment purpose, having access to internet from your devices is a must to have in hotel rooms to be connected with everyone else whom we have parted for the trip.
  • Iron and a hair dryer: IF these are available in the room then nothing can be better. No matter how well you packed your dresses, a little ironing is required before putting it on. Also, to make a fast move outside the room after a head bath, a hair dryer can simplify the work.
  • Mini bar: It could really be highly affordable if you get a mini bar inside the room keeping you out of the hassle to visit a pub outside and spend a lot of money.

Many of these things would not be mentioned when you book hotel online, but can be enquired about with a phone call. If you are really concerned about these things then do make a call and get your queries answered.

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