5 Things you can do on long Memorial Day Weekend 2018


The Memorial Day Weekend signifies a time of solemn mourning and remembrance on the part of members of the American public. Memorial Day is a federal holiday and is listed on the last Monday in the month of May every year. Americans remember the heroes that offered the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the nation’s armed forces. We will list some of the memorial weekend activities that you can participate in for the year 2018 in the

War memorials

  • Americans can mark Memorial Day remembrance by visiting the war memorials situated in their states. These monuments to fallen heroes remind us of their valor and sacrifice for the nation. You can plan and organize memorial weekend trips with friends and family members; these excursions are instructive for the children and young citizens in your family. A visit can refresh Americans’ sense of commitment to the nation’s values; it can teach us the importance of the cherished values that our founding fathers held so close to their hearts.

    Visiting a library

    American families can renew their acquaintance with the written word by organizing a day trip to a local or regional library. These repositories of knowledge help us refresh our knowledge of Memorial Day facts. Time spent reading from the library’s resources allows us to reinforce our sense of family values, while spending quality time away from the daily routine. Library workers can guide interested visitors to the sections that stock books on American political and military history. This activity qualifies to be called a happy memorial weekend for all members of the family.

    Memorial Day Parade

    Every state organizes an official Memorial Day Parade to commemorate the achievements of valor by members of the US armed forces. These are a part of the memorial weekend festivals undertaken every year on Memorial Day. American families can visit these parades as part of memorial weekend activities. This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the American public to thank the veterans of the US armed forces. The sight of men and women of the US armed forces marching in their service uniforms remains a sight Americans can cherish in their hearts.

    Patriotic concert

    A musical event is an exciting way to honour the members of the US armed forces. Various counties and local administrations organize these concerts as part of Memorial Day weekend events. The stirring martial tunes and military anthems remind Americans of their glorious military heritage. Families can participate in such events to show their appreciation to military veterans. This option allows most Americans an opportunity to craft a happy memorial weekend.

    Historical sites

    Americans can visit historical sites close to their home as part of Memorial Day weekend getaways. These journeys back in time help us to appreciate our rich and varied heritage. Local guides can help visitors appreciate the importance of the various exhibits installed in these locations. As part of memorial weekend 2018, Americans can re-visit the values enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence. These visits can coincide with memorial weekend festivals organized at the historical sites. The multiple activities can keep the kids busy while allowing the adults to look at their nation’s history closely.

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