5 signs to watch out in pets for better care

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Pets are your beloved and you might be very expert in understanding their needs to eat and sleep. But it is always true, that pets would never be able to talk and express their needs, fear, and desire like human beings. That is why, it is very important to educate yourself with some basic sign language or symptoms in pets to, at least, ensure their safety.

Below are a few signs you should never ignore in pets and take immediate action.
1. Panting and palpitations
Panting in pets are quite normal as they are always physically very active. Chasing for toys or running around you can make them pant a lot. But, heavy panting without any significant reason or heavy physical activity should not be ignored. They are breathing with labor and it continues for long, they need medical care.
2. Excessive Drooling
Pet lovers usually get used to drooling and the falling water from pet’s mouth. However, if you are witnessing excessive drooling in your pet, it could be due to a number of issues. Heat stroke, mouth infection, tooth problem, neurological disorder or food eating out of some toxic can lead to excess drooling in pets. Be aware, your pet might need a visit to veterinary.
3. Increased water intake
In a hot day or after outdoor games, pets can turn again and again to slurp from their water bowl. However, if recently, you have watched your pet drinking water too frequently without any trigger, be aware. It could be due to any underlying health issue like kidney failure, diabetes, polydipsia or others. Do not ignore such symptoms. They can be treated.
4. Uncommon symptoms
Do not ignore your pet for uncommon symptoms like too much aggressiveness, laziness, moodiness, hyperactivity, anxiety, or inactivity. Also, watch if the pet is eating normally or not. They might refuse eating or drinking as usual. Choosing to be along or not playing with the favorite toys is again a sign that something is wrong.
5. Chang in odor
Healthy pets never stink. Stinky mouth odor, skin smell, or bad ear smell might point towards an underlying condition. They could be the result of an ear infection, skin disease, mouth infection, kidney disease or gastric disorder. After a full check-up, a pet doctor would be able to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Taking action on time is quite important for the overall health of your pet. Take them to the veterinary on time for initiation of treatment which could lead to the cure. Delaying the symptoms might aggravate the problems leading to the serious health condition. Also, always try to give good pet supplies to your pet without compromising on the quality of the products.

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