4 ways to develop smart kids beyond the smartphones


Are you also worried that your kids spent most of their time playing games on mobile?

You are no exception as almost all the parents have the same worry that their kids keep on playing the mobile games rather than playing with their toys. However, there are many ways with which you can make your child to spend lesser time on smartphones.

Here we will discuss 4 ways that will help you:

#1. Decide the time and game that kids must play on smartphones

It is almost next to impossible to keep kids refrained from using the smartphones. What best can be done is to decide the time limit and the games that they should play. There are many good games and applications that can be downloaded and that help in the overall development of the child. For instance, a recently launched application called Lego Life is a great social networking application especially designed for kids. Kids can unleash their imagination and share it and also can learn many things from those shared by the other kids.

#2. Bring toys that offer some learning

Cars, superman, guns, dolls and so forth can be seen in every home where there are kids. However, the games should be such that offer some learning or those who in any way contribute in the development of the child. Toys such as memory games, puzzles, art & crafts, learning & education, music & instruments etc. can enhance the skills of the kid in a great way. These games will also help to keep the kids engaged as well.

#3. Make them choose their own games

Though the kids are not aware what is right for them but still one should take their opinion too while choosing games and toys. It will also help the parents to know about the interest of the kid. If the game is irrelevant, parents must explain their kids why the game is not suitable for them.

#4. Encourage kids to go for outdoor games

Playing games on mobile all the time has very bad affect on the health of the children. Kids should be motivated to play games outside which will help in their physical growth as well. No matter how busy you are, you will have to take out sometime for the sake of your kid’s health.

Online Shopping of games & toys

Now the world has gone online and with that there are many good online stores in the US which have plethora of games and toys. Besides, you can order the products online from the comfort of your home, online stores offer superb discounts on the purchases. You can go for any good online store like Hamleys, Toysrus, fishpond.com and so on. The beauty of the online stores apart from the convenience is that you can get all sorts of toys and games in multiple categories for every age group.

Follow these ways and you can develop a smarter kid yet without a smartphone!

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