4 Facts – What couponing is NOT?


Is there something that is keeping you away from using the coupons?

Coupons that are offered by manufacturers and retailers have been an alluring tool from over decades. All of us are aware that coupon basically are the promotional instruments that provide discounts and other attractive deals on the products but there are many misconceptions among the consumers regarding a coupon. Here, in this blog we attempt to bring out the facts that many of you might not know:

  • Coupons are NOT only for those who admit that they can’t afford

Yes, it may surprise you, but many customers think so! A good number of people have this impression that most ‘couponers’ are the ones who would be depending on printed coupon to buy their monthly groceries. But, it is absolutely false especially with digital coupons because people who use these coupon come from all walks of the life and social status. Coupons are for everyone and using them doesn’t mean that you are admitting that you need it for your survival. Everyone likes to save money and its fun shopping using a coupon.

  • Coupons those come in the paper are NOT ‘only’ the genuine ones

When everything has gone paperless then why not coupons? In the world of mobile technology, you would not like to believe on such stuff anymore. Would you? There are many decent coupon website who display all the genuine coupon from numerous stores only if you know. You can find the coupons from all online stores such as Walmart, Amazon on the coupon websites.

  • Stores do NOT hike the prices in advance because they know the customers would react positively

If you think you are smart, they are smarter! The stores are aware of the fact that only a small percent of coupon are actually used, so it hardly makes any difference. Besides, most of the consumers do an unplanned shopping so it is more of a tool that brings you in the door and encourage you to buy more items. So, whether you use a coupon or not, it doesn’t bother the stores that much. So, actually they don’t flaunt the products by raising the price first and decreasing them at the time of displaying coupons.

  • It is NOT the coupon who forces you to buy more

Why blame a coupon if you cannot resist your own temptation? Harsh but true! You may not need 100 bottles of tomato ketchup at a time for your family even if you have coupon then too you won’t use it here, but if you are getting 10 bottles of shampoo instead of 5 that gets used in a month and also saving on at every piece because you had coupons, it is indeed a wise investment! Using the coupons you can stock up on products that are otherwise too costly.

Stay clear of all these myths and misconceptions and use your coupons to enjoy your shopping with saving!

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