11 amazing and cheap car accessories you would love


Cars are the passion of men and women equally. Despite having the latest cars with latest features, a little addition of the new age car accessories really make them enticing. You need not spend much on beautification of your car. Below are a few cheap car accessories wit high utility which you can easily install in your car.

  1. 2-inch blind spot mirrors: It will give you extra view of the vehicles around protecting you from the bad drivers. It is available in online stores like Amazon.
  2. car seat drop stop: It can be fixed at the gap between the two seats to finally prevent falling of your mobile phone in the gap. It is a common problem inside the Car, whenever you put something it slips down the gap between the seat.
  3. Dash grip pads: It can be placed on the dashboard so that you can keep your little things without any worries of falling down. Your keys, mobile phones, or coins will stick well on to the pad.
  4. Car Freshener: An obvious accessory for the car to let you feel fresh always. Anyways, sometimes the smell of seats, shoes, or any food item in car make it unbearable to sit inside. Car freshener is an anytime item to be kept inside the car.
  5. Fix for flat tyres: Tires can get flattened but you can escape the misery. The can’s hose of flat tire fix, when attached to the tyre can do wonder.
  6. Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker: It is a must in every car for the safety purpose when you fail to open the seat belt or break the window.
  7. Media stereo: Music in car gives life to the journey and keeps your mood elated.
  8. Seat Cushion: Anyone, however if you ride long distance, then this car cushion is a must. It gives you support and keeps you comfortable.
  9. Foam neck pillow: Make your driver even more comfortable with this neck cushion that supports your neck and keeps your spine easy.
  10. Car dashboard video recorder: You sweet memories can get recorded in this video recorder and make your journeys memorable.
  11. Rain mirror cleaner: This cleaner will keep your view clear even after a rain. This works wonderfully in cleaning the rain water that obstructs the front view.

These small, but highly useful car accessories can add a lot of value in your car. You can buy them without spending much through the online stores like Walmart or Amazon.

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